Tubohakok Galakanathi

Tim's PC - Half-Giant Fighter


Tubohakok goes by ‘Tubo’ for short. He is a half-giant and stands over 7 feet tall. After a rough childhood as an orphan and a pirate, he has struck out on his own in Freeport.


Part 1 – Orphaned

Excerpt from the personal diary of Mother Alaina
Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, Barbary

June 4, 1177 – Today I saved the life of a child, turning him out on the street. To fully document the reasons behind my actions, I must tell the entire story of this child. His name is Tubohakok Galakanathi. He came to us about 7 years ago as an very young child. I don’t know the exact origin of his birth, but he came with a group of half-giant children. These children were the offspring of the Galakanathi (translated to common: Hammered Fist) clan of Stone Giants. They had been raiding several farming villages on the outskirts of Dakkar, killing just about everyone, taking all the food they could carry, and on some occasions a few women of breeding age. These things happen in the remote parts of Barbary frequently, and King Harffor sent out a group of soldiers to handle the problem. The Stone Giants were killed and the children brought back to us at the Sisters of Mercy to raise. Half-giant children are a difficult lot, but we’ve had many come through our orphanage and turn out to be contributing members of society. One of the mothers was brought to us as well, and through her we learned the names of several of the children and some of the details of her imprisonment. We were able to save her life, though the rehabilitation was long and difficult.

Tubohakok was entrusted to me for his primary care. The child was far behind other children of his age mentally, but very advanced physically, even for a half-giant. I worked with Tubohakok extensively ever since he arrived. I nicknamed him Tubo for short, and I genuinely liked the child. He was not smart, but he was endearing. Unfortunately he was also very violent.

Because of his lesser intelligence, some of the older children made fun of him. And, bless his heart, he didn’t make the connection that they were laughing at his expense. At least at first. Among children of his own age, he was a bully, taking what he wanted from them, and always reacting with a shove or a punch before talking out his problems. I tried hard to correct this with him, but alas I failed.

I was worried about his relationship with the older children. With about a 5 year difference, he couldn’t push around the older children the way that he could push around those of his own age. Yesterday the day came where he figured out that when the older kids were laughing, they were actually making fun of him. He immediately lashed out with violence as I knew he would, and this was the first fight that he lost. I hoped that it would be a good lesson for him, to understand that he couldn’t fight his way through life. I gave all the children a thorough scolding and extra work duty. May the Gods forgive me for not doing more, for the events of today could have been avoided had I intervened.

Tubohakok did his work duty quietly, nursing his hurt pride as well as his physical bruises from the fight. The older children involved complained about their work, but were still gloating about the fight. The children were separated for the night and before Tubohakok went to bed he told me, “I don’t want them to make fun of me any more.” My optimistic nature comprehended this as he had learned a lesson and wasn’t going to fight since that was what their recent jokes had been about. I was wrong.

The next morning when the children came to the common hall for breakfast, Tubohakok walked past the food and over to where the older children were sitting. He slammed one child’s head face down onto the table with so much force that the child was instantly killed. The other older children were so stunned that he nearly did the same to a second child before the room broke out into chaos. I knew that Tubohakok would have been killed, the headmaster of the orphanage would not tolerate a killer in the system. I grabbed Tubohakok and for a moment I feared for my life. It wasn’t anger in his eyes, it wasn’t the heat of the battle. It was the cold stare of a killer. The kind of look that a man standing at the gallows gives when he is about to be hanged and shows no remorse.

Thankfully Tubo recognized me and knew that I wanted to help him. He said, “He won’t make fun of me any more.” I still felt pity for this child and couldn’t bear for him to be captured by the guardsmen who were surely on their way. I told him to run, and never come back here, and begged him never to kill anyone again. He ran. I told the guardsmen that he fled and I was unable to stop him, which is true. I was unable to bring myself to turn this poor child over, I had to give him one more chance.

Tubohakok was my test. A child born from violence with a violent temper of his own. He had been given into my care, and it was my job to fix him. I failed him, and I shall pray every day for his redemption.

Part 2 – Pirate

Excerpts from the Log of Captain Dante Francisco
Captain of the Grimfyre

October 20, 1177
Today was our last day in the port of Barbary. I was picking up some final purchases for our next journey to sea (notably my personal stash of Rum), when I noticed that my coin purse had been stolen. Not the one I keep close to my chest with the valuable coins, but the one that I leave out on my belt for smaller, more common purposes. Still, I had a fair quantity of gold in there that I was not ready to part with. The thief was obvious, as he tried to make his getaway, but I was able to alert a couple of the town guardsmen to his presence and they were able to catch him quickly. I’m glad that the coin I pay to Barbary to dock my ship here is well spent.

At first I thought it was a retarded man, he looked so juvenile in the face, but then I realized he was actually a half-giant youth. Remarkably quick for one of that race. My coin purse was returned once the child was taken to the guard station. After returning it, they began to clasp his arm down to a table stained with blood. Ah, the grim fate of a thief in Barbary. Hard to steal again with just one hand. I was planning to watch the punishment with amusement, but as the boy struggled I noticed how strong he was, nearly fighting off three grown men on his own.

I told the guards to stand down for the moment. They seemed glad for the break. I offered the boy food and the chance the learn how to sail a ship, if he’d come with me. I warned him that if he stole from me again, I’d slit his throat and feed him to the sharks. The boy thought about his options. Too long if you ask me, the boy must be stupid. He agreed to my terms and I saved his hand, and earned a worker for my ship with no promise of pay, other than food.

The boys name is Tubo. His first meal he ate as much as three men. He must have been starving on the streets in Barbary. When he finishes growing, he’ll be huge. He could come in very useful for the ship in a few years. We’ll see if Argas can turn him into a sailor. If not, I’ll just slit his throat and feed him to the sharks.

November 3, 1177
Brown Tommy screwed up today. Badly. He should know how to properly set the rigging, though he apparently does not. Tore the whole mast, that’s going to cost us at least 3 days, and make us unable to make any raids until it is repaired. I slit his throat and tossed him overboard. I made sure that young Tubo saw me do it, make sure that he understands that I mean what I say. The boy looked scared and when I pretended to slip on the deck and hollared at him for not keeping it clean enough, the boy set to work harder than anyone I’ve ever seen.

July 27, 1182
I feel I should mention Tubo again, he’s turned into quite the good sailor. He’s a stupid as a shithouse rat, but he’s stronger than most of my crew, and pretty agile for a 7 foot tall teenager. I don’t know his exact age, neither does he, but he’s definitely a teen. He works well and doesn’t get intimidated by the fighting. I haven’t let him participate yet, but I have been giving him lessons with the sword and I have him guard my chamber when we fight. “Just in case” I tell him. He wants to fight so bad, he seems to be craving it. I think he’ll have his day soon.

August 8, 1182
Nearly 5 years ago I took on a boy named Tubo who tried to steal from me in Barbary. Today I turned him loose into battle, and he did not fail to impress me. He didn’t know where to go, he had no idea of how to protect his back and flanks while fighting an opponent, but I made sure that he wasn’t too much in the thick of things. I credited him with 2 kills today, which is better than most of my men in their first taste of action.

May 20, 1184
Finished up some nasty business in Ghazbann today. I hate the Drakhan Kingdom, I’m glad we’re back at sea. Before packing up to go, I was approached by this pretty young girl asking for work on my ship. I think her name was Sally. She had no idea we were pirates. She said she could cook, and was willing to learn. So naïve… I let her on board, she’ll cook tonight, then tomorrow the crew can have their way with her. It’s been a few years since we’ve had a woman on board, the men will enjoy it.

September 12, 1184
A great raid today! I was ambitious and we tracked down a large sailing ship flying flags of Mythcaille. These are rare ships, and often have nice treasure on them, though they are well guarded, usually with mages. We ran them down, boarded, and killed everyone on board. It was costly, I lost 7 men, and the ship has taken severe damage, but we’ll make for Freeport where we can repair outside the watchful eyes of the Kingdoms. I have to admit, we may not have been successful if it wasn’t for Tubo. He’s one of my best fighters now and he thirsts for it. I credited him with 10 kills today. The big guy came to me afterwards to talk about his pay. Apparently some of the other crewmen have let on how much they make and after all these years he realized that I haven’t paid him shit. But, being the genius that I am, I offered to let him have a turn with Sally. I’d been holding him back from that because he’s still just a teen, but that got his attention. Give Tubo the taste of female flesh and all thoughts of gold drift away…

October 7, 1184
If I ever see Tubo again I’ll slit his throat. And that bitch Sally, too. He wasn’t smart enough to think on his own about leaving, Fat Andy and Sharkey were on watch when Tubo tossed them overboard. They saw him and Sally running into town. I extended my stay in Freeport for 2 days to try and catch the little shits, I pride myself on keeping my conquests silent. Fortunately Tubo is too stupid to know what we’ve been doing, and I don’t think Sally ever saw anything outside of the room we kept her in. But I don’t like being betrayed. I saved his life and this is how he repays me? I can only imagine what she told him to get him to break her loose, but she’ll probably turn him in to the guards of Freeport and he’ll be dumb enough to fall for it.

Part 3 – Scurvytown

Scurvytown was no place for a couple of teenagers with no money and on the run. They didn’t know where to go, but Sally was smart enough to have them lay low. They waited for the Grimfyre to leave port and once it did they tried to earn some coin. It didn’t take long for the two of them to run into the Cutthroats. The Cutthroats were a street gang that ruled Scurvytown. Their leader, a dwarf named Bloody Jack, had several small jobs that Tubo could perform, and Sally was put to work as a waitress in the Dead Pelican, one of their taverns.

After a couple of months, both Tubo and Sally were ready to be done with the Cutthroats. They weren’t treated very well, and were always watching their backs. Sally was paranoid about being forced into prostitution again, and the other gang members always wanted to put Tubo in his place.

One day at the Dead Pelican, a bounty hunter attacked Tubo. This is when they found out that Captain Francisco had put a price on Tubo’s head. Tubo was able to fight off the attacker, but Sally couldn’t handle it. She was afraid of leaving Tubo, more for the fact that she didn’t know how he would react than any need for his protection. She told him she was leaving to join the Temple of Melora, to devote her life to the Lady of the Seas. Tubo couldn’t comprehend it all and she was gone before he could react.

Tubo took what coin he had and went back to the Dead Pelican. He decided to gamble with a Tiefling named Pangolin that was also drinking there. Tubo lost quickly, he wasn’t smart enough to understand the game. Pangolin picked up their tab and even gave a few coins back to Tubo, remarking that he looked ‘down on his luck’. That was when a few Cutthroats came to collect the bounty on Tubo’s head. They had turned on him, the bounty must have been worth it. Tubo was ready to fight, he didn’t like these guys to begin with, but there were 6 of them.

Tubo took down a couple but was about to be overrun when Pangolin cut down two more from behind. Tubo and Pangolin took to the streets, laying low for a few days. Tubo felt like he could trust Pangolin, who was also an orphan and living on the streets in Scurvytown. They hung out for a few days, avoiding the Cutthroats and stealing some coin. After this, Pangolin told Tubo that he had a small group of orphans that all looked out for each other, and Tubo was welcome to join them. He would be a useful addition to the group.

Pangolin knew of a shipwreck a couple miles east of Freeport that was currently in use by a small group of bandits. The orphans organized an attack and killed the bandits, due to the stealth of Pangolin and the strength of Tubo. The group of orphans felt like a family to Tubo. He didn’t think they were just using him for his strength.

In the 1186th year of the Age of Might, Commissioner Xander Williams came to Freeport and declared war on the criminal organizations. Bloody Jack, and most of the Cutthroats left Freeport to look for a port with less resistance, and Tubo felt much safer walking the streets again, however the next year Commissioner Williams made another pass through Scurvytown, arresting everyone at the Dead Pelican. To be fair, most of them were criminals, but Tubo and Pangolin friend were picked up along with everyone else.

Tubo spent a couple weeks in the prison of the Sea Lord’s Guard, when eventually the place became so overwhelmed that an entire block of prisoners who hadn’t been known to have committed any crimes, were set free.

Tubohakok Galakanathi

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