The Eastern District

This is the middle-class area of the city, home to the hopeful of Freeport. Those who live here aspire to achieve great things, though most are just one bad business deal away from ruin. However, they are a far step above the slums of Scurvytown or Drac’s End.

The Eastern District is known for its hustle and bustle where those who live there are trying to take that next step into success.

This area was formerly under the protection of a crime lord named Finn, who kept all crime out of this part of the city.

Notable Locations

The Field of Honor
The Halfling Benevolent Association
The Hellhound Social Club
The Blink Dog Rickshaw Company
The Golden Pillar Society
The League of Freemen Headquarters
Ashworth’s Antiques and Rare Collectables
The Stuffed Pig

The Eastern District

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