The Docks

The Docks are where most of the traffic comes in and out of Freeport. It is a chaotic area with ships constantly coming and going. The Docks used to be home to a street gang called the Buccaneers, but their leader, Patch Carty was rumored to have been captured by Commissioner Williams.

The Docks themselves are overseen by the Harbormaster, Kaddaceous “Kad” Serlin, who makes sure all the ships pay their docking fee.

This is an area where people from all over the world will bump into each other

Notable Locations:

The Longshoreman’s Union
The Seaside Market
The Black Gull
The Rusty Hook
Society of Lobstermen
The Shipping News
The One Ring
The Broken Mug
The Diving Fin
The Star of the Sea

The Docks

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