Known Criminal Organizations

The Cutthroats -A street gang that claims Scurvytown as their home turf. They specialized in protection rackets, prostitution, drugs, and smuggling. Their leader is a dwarf named Bloody Jack, though after Commissioner Williams swept through Scurvytown, arresting crimials, it is believed that he left Freeport for a city with less resistance.

The Buccaneers -A street gang that claims the Docks as their home turf. They specialized in extortion, protection, smuggling, gambling and fencing stolen goods. Their leader is called the Bo’sun, and the current Bo’sun is a human named Patch Carty, a former first mate on a pirate ship. Patch Carty is rumored to have been captured by Commissioner Williams when he swept through the docks.

Finn’s Syndicate -A criminal organization led by a halfling named Finn, they work out of the Eastern District, and were pretty much unchallenged there. He became rich off of protection services and money lending. Known for protecting the Eastern District, he actually worked to keep other criminal aspects out of his part of town. The Syndicate is virtually nonexistent now, Commissioner Williams raided the Halfling Benevolent Society which was Finn’s headquarters, and nearly all the high ranking members of the Syndicate, Finn included, were taken into custody. Finn was hanged as an example to other criminal organizations.

The Joy Boys -Mostly consisting of the children of wealthy citizens of Freeport, this group is seen as more of a nuisance than a criminal aspect. Their crimes tend toward defacing property, seeking fights, and the occassional theft. Their current leader is unknown.

Known Criminal Organizations

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