House Rules

We will use the following optional rules / variants in this game:

1. Encumbrance: We will use the rule for encumbrance, where if you carry too much, your speed will be reduced. See the rules for lifting and carrying on PHB 176. You don’t need to track every coin and gem, just your main equipment. If it comes into question, then we can determine treasure weight as well.

2. Flanking: We will use the rules for flanking. If you and an ally are both adjacent to an enemy and are on opposite sides of an enemy, you gain advantage on melee attacks against that enemy.

3. Diagonals: We will use the more realistic 5/10 rule when moving diagonally. Your first diagonal move only costs you 5 feet of movement, but your second one costs you 10 feet. Then back to 5 again.

4. Healing: We will use the standard healing rate. After a full rest you get back all of your HP, and half of your HD (rounded up). Spending a HD to heal during a short rest will require one use of a healer’s kit.

5. Downtime: We will use downtime to better ourselves. Training typically requires finding someone to teach you, 250 days, and 250 gold coins.

6. Lifestyle: We will have to pay for our lifestyle. This really only makes an effect if you’re spending a lot of downtime. Once we achieve some level of success, we’ll likely have upkeep costs to pay for businesses as well, so we can roll all of these expenses together.

House Rules

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