Character Creation

The rules for character creation will pretty much follow the player’s handbook, starting on page 11. Freeport is an extremely diverse city, so you can find just about any type of character there.

1. Choose a race. No restrictions, except for gnomes. Gnomes have been extinct for 1000 years or so in my game world. If you’re a human and want to use the human variant (PHB 31), that is allowed.
2. Choose a class. Anything is fine. Keep in mind that this game is geared towards building up a criminal network, and some classes may fit the theme better than others. If anyone is considering playing a Ranger, I have some ideas on an urban ranger class build that would be effective in this setting.
3. We’re starting at level 1, and you’ll get maximum HP for first level. At higher levels you may choose one of the following to determine your HP:
a. Take the standard increase listed in the book.
b. Roll twice on your class-determined HD, and take the better of the two.
4. Determine your ability scores. You can use one of the following systems for choosing them. Remember to apply your racial bonuses to your ability score after determining your set of base scores.
a. The standard array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
b. The variant ability scores on PHB 13. You have 27 points to purchase your ability scores.
5. Write your own background. Don’t pick one from the book, write your own. As part of writing your background, you must incorporate something that would lend credibility to the proficiencies gained by your background. Choose each of the following proficiencies for your character:
a. 2 skill proficiencies
b. 1 tool proficiency
c. 1 skill/tool/language proficiency
6. No starting equipment. We’ll be starting off in the prison of the Sea Lord’s Guard. All that you have when the story starts is the shirt on your back. If there is specific equipment you want your character to have (favored weapon, desired armor) please let me know, as that may find its way into our early treasure troves.


You have an opportunity for a bonus skill/tool/language proficiency to start the game. To do this, you must write up 6 NPCs for the game. These can be people that you would like to be part of our team, or foes that we may face. I’ll determine where they fit in, you just need to write a short description. They should not be people from your character’s background. Here’s two examples:

Derwin Balazar. Human male, middle-aged. A bartender at a local tavern, Derwin goes unnoticed by most. Unbeknownst to all, he used to accept money from Finn’s Syndicate to put a slow poison into certain customer’s drinks in order to make them easier targets later in the night. Derwin otherwise runs a clean business.

James Mooney. Human male, early 20s. James grew up in Freeport, idolizing the ships captains that came through town. As soon as he was old enough to join a crew, he joined with a merchant ship. That’s when he discovered he had no sea legs. After suffering through terrible seasickness the entire trip, he returned to Freeport and joined the Sea Lord’s Guard, vowing never to sail again. He lives out his dreams of adventure by patrolling the docks and hearing the tales of the seamen who visit port.

Character Creation

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