A Timeline of Freeport History

986 – Captain Drac and Captain Francisco, two of the greatest pirates of their time, lead the Great Raid and establish the city of Freeport as a safe haven for all who sail the seas. The city is constantly on the defensive from navies of surrounding Kingdoms.

996 – Captain Drac betrays Captain Francisco and signs treaties with neighboring Kingdoms, giving them Francisco in return for recognition of Freeport as a sovereign city-state. Drac declares himself the first Sea Lord of Freeport. He creates a Captain’s Council of 6 other captains to advise him on matters and help rule the city.

1058 – Sea Lord Corliss increases the size of the Captain’s Council to 12.

1082 – The Thieves Guild is dealing in slaves, and Marquetta makes a stand against them. They call her bluff, and she leads an undeclared war against the guild. This is known as the Back Alley War.

1085 – The Back Alley War comes to an end and the Thieves Guild is eliminated from Freeport.

1136 – Marten Drac establishes a law that a descendant of Captain Drac must always be Sea Lord. He is a terrible Sea Lord and nearly bankrupts the city.

1175 – Anton Drac is assassinated by an unknown assassin.

1176 – Milton Drac begins construction of a new Lighthouse on the northwestern coast of Naramba. The lighthouse is known as Milton’s Folly.

1186 – Lighthouse is completed. Milton Drac revealed to be part of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, a group attempting to bring ‘The Unspeakable One’ into the world. The Lighthouse was to be part of a plot to drive all who saw it insane, and spread that madness throughout the world. Milton Drac and 2 Councilors killed by adventurers. Commissioner Xander Williams takes charge of the Sea Lord’s Guard and cleans up the criminal aspect of the city. Lady Elise Grossette is chosen to become the next Sea Lord.

1190 – Captain Dante Francisco organizes a coup of the Sea Lord’s Council. Nearly all non-active captains are murdered. The Commissioner of the Sea Lord’s Guard is also killed. Dante Francisco takes the title of Sea Lord and institutes a masked council of six advisors. Their identities are kept secret, leading many to believe that there is no council at all and Freeport has become a dictatorship.

A Timeline of Freeport History

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