(Deceased) Petra Frickle

Leader of the Guild of Craftsmen


Petra Frickle is the leader of the Guild of Craftsmen. She has secretly been working on plans to start a new city on the Kraken-Tooth Islands, specifically Manaloa. With her connections in the guild, she has located a site, and begun all the work necessary to begin construction, as soon as she decides to. She feels that Freeport is a lost cause, with so much crime and corruption. She’s hoping with her position on the council that she can make a difference. If she can’t clean up Freeport, she’s willing to use her position to mask her motives for the new city until it’s too late for anyone to stop her.

During the coup of 1190 she was murdered by an unknown assassin. Her body was found.

(Deceased) Petra Frickle

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