Freeport Mafia

Session #6
An Axe to Grind

The party found out about a major construction project going on requiring lots of wood from a specific part of the jungle. The logging expedition was delayed and one of the major backers was missing. The party found that it was a nature spirit that had been released. They freed the loggers that it was using to feed off of, then defeated the spirit.

Session #5
Brothel Conglomerate

In this session, Pangolin and his crew finished consolidating all of the brothels in Scurvytown. Only one of them put up a stiff resistance to him, and after some threats and sabotage, they eventually broke down into combat, resulting in the death of Charles the Chainslinger, and his brothel the Shady Moon being forcibly brought under Pangolin’s control.

Session #4
Bounty Hunting and Consolidation

Pangolin the Peacock and his crew tracked down some wanted men. During their work, they ran into another bounty hunter named Backyard Billy who was looking for the same men. He split the reward with us and put in a good word for us, hoping it would get back to Horatio Jones.

Afterwards, Pangolin continued trying to consolidate the brothels in Scurvytown, buying out one of them, and making a girl-swap arrangement with the other.

Session #3
Claiming the Salty Clam

First, the party went into the sewers to try and find Blaine “Sweet Cheeks” Derby. After hours of searching the sewers, the party ran into a group of serpent people and were introduced to Slith’Saa. He made an arrangement to show us where Blaine was if we helped him acquire weapons and armor for his people. We agreed, and they had Blaine as a prisoner. Even though he was a prisoner, they did save his life by taking him in.

Afterwards, the party went to the Salty Clam to try and rescue Stormy and Ciera Moonbright. First Tarn went in to get information and they claimed that they didn’t have any drow girls. The next night, Pangolin the Peacock crept in the upstairs window and made his way downstairs. Then there was a battle with (Deceased) Matron Celeste and (Deceased) Throg. The party was victorious and the Salty Clam has been claimed for Pangolin’s crew.

Session #2
Reclaiming of the Bloodwind

The party stealthily took over the Bloodwind, killing Vaughn Boggs and the others there. They found out that a man named Obarth was running the reunited Cutthroats, and after torturing him, it was revealed where he took the girls and Sweet Cheeks. He was then killed.

The party went to the Eastern District and found Darnell Keenum, who paid the Cutthroats to rough up Sweet Cheeks for sleeping with his wife. After telling the party that he didn’t want things to go this far and that the Cutthroats probably dumped him in a sewer, Pangolin killed him as well.

Session #1
The Campaign has Begun

Tonight, Pangolin, Tarn, and Tubohakok were in jail. When they were released they discovered that the shipwreck had been taken over by a group of former Cutthroats. Also, Tarn went to find his book, only to find that it had apparently returned to Ashworth’s Antiques.

Rather than take on the Cutthroats while unarmed, the party went to Ashworth’s and after getting inside past the guard, discovered a flower in the floor. It took us to the feywild where we encountered a hag who handed a very special book to Tarn.


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